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1) Mooladhara Chakra : "The first center is called Mooladhara center. It has four petals(sub-plexuses),is placed below the triangular bone and is responsible on the physical level of the manifestation of Pelvic Plexus, which looks, after all our excretion,inclusive of sex activity. When the Kundalini rises, then this center becomes inactive in the excretion functions but active in the support of the rising of Kundalini. Though the Kundalini has to rise through six centers, the first center of Mooladhara protects the purity of chastity of the Kundalini at the time of its awakening.

The Mooladhara center is for our innocence and one should know that innocence can never be destroyed. It is indestructible, though it might be covered by lots of clouds due to perverted human sexual behaviour. Thinking or relating to everything to sex-we become sex oriented, reduced to sex points and our behaviour is no more human but becomes even worse than animals. Flirtation, housewives becoming prostitutes, homosexuals,lesbians, abuse of children by the parents, incestual relations,etc."

"Despite all arbitrary abandonment of natural laws, the innocence, the power of Mooladhara, remains,though in a sleeping or a sick state, which can be cured and normalized through Kundalini awakening. Innocence is the power that really supports the Kundalini when it is rising and normalizing all the centers.

2) Swadishtana Chakra : The second chakra is called the swadishtana and has six petals. This chakra supplies us with creativity, of thinking, of being futuristic.

3) Nabhi Chakra : This third chakra has ten petals. It is behind the navel, and this center gives us the power to sustain something within ourselves. On the physical level it caters to the functions of the solar plexus"

4) Anahat Chakra : This Center has twelve petals and is place behind the sternum in the spinal cord. This center produces the anti-bodies till the age of twelve years and then these anti-bodies are circulated into the whole body t be ready to fight any kind of attack on the body or on the mind. If there is any attack on the person, these anti-bodies are informed through the sternum which has a remote control of information."

5)Vishuddi Chakra : This chakra has sixteen petals. This chakra is responsible for communication with others.

6) Agnya Chakra : The sixth chakra is called the Agnya chakra and has two petals.

7) Sahasrara Chakra : This centre has thousand petals. This is the most important center. Actually there are a thousand nerves and if you cut the transverse section of the brain you can see that all these petal –like structures of the brain are forming a lotus of a thousand petals. At the time of awakening, this egg-like personality breaks at the tip of the head.